Week 1

Attempting to Become Prolific

This is slightly embarrassing but I didnt know the word "Prolific" until a couple years ago.

I learned it from my brother when we were talking about Nipsey Hussles face tattoo when Nipsey passed away.

I love that word.


Also I love that I was deeply inspired by a face tat.

Anyway, I havent published anything in years because I wasnt quite sure what to write about. I felt like I had graduated from being a kid, but couldnt figure out who I wanted to be as an adult.

Theres an infinite amount one can do in this world, and as as Paul Graham says, "keep your identity small", and as Ray Dalio says "Prioritize: While you can have virtually anything you want, you can’t have everything you want" so I kept asking myself the existential question: what should I do?

My roommate Justin and I have been cooking up ideas for the past few months, but as we finally jumped into building something today, it just didnt feel right.

We talked about it, and he brought up that he didnt really care what we built, and that it didnt have to be a smashing hit, and I liked that... less pressure.

I then went to the climbing gym to get my mind off things, and on the subway ride home, I figured it out! The goal isnt to build something big. Its to create a culture of creating. To be ✨Prolific✨.

(Justin is already pretty damn prolific, so really its just me who has to get his shit together lmao.)

Ive been wanting to develop a weekly writing habit a la Atomic Habits, and I got started a handful of times, but I never published because it never quite felt right.

But this time it does feel right. Id like to start publishing weekly updates about the things I create / produce / build each week with my friends.

If I can't come up with much for that week, perhaps I'll add thoughts around how I'm approaching my projects, idk yet, but I'm feeling good about writing about prolificness each week so thats that.

Writing this is giving me energy and that feels good, so thats what Ill do!

What did I do this past week?

The only thing I can think of right now is I made art with my friends Nick and Alice. (I would add photos but idk how to configure that yet lol, maybe I will do so retroactively)

Tbh Im not sure where to publish yet, but I did some fancy .mdx stuff for my personal site a month ago for this exact purpose, but also Im a little nervous about custom-building a blog because it seems like unnecessary overhead.

Ehh whatever, fuck it ship it. 🚀

Please excuse my stream of consciousness writing. ✌️

I started writing this at around 10pm on Sunday July 11, 2021, and published it at around 11:30pm the same night.
This shit was hacked together and will hopefully improve as I keep doing it.
Ok, now I will go share this on my social medias.