Week 2

Attempting to Establish Good Habits

Alright, week #2 of Sunday night writing!

This one's a struggle because I'm a tad hungover from the weekend, but No Johns, amirite?

This week I wanna write about habits.

Establishing excellent habits has been one of my primary focuses since reading Atomic Habits.

James Clear makes an excellent point about how goal-setting is overrated.

Everyone who races in the Tour de France has the same goal... they all want to win the race. The team that actually gets to win is the team that develops the best habits.

My goal is to become a prolific creator, but first I have to get my habits right.

The three areas I'm focused on developing habits around now are coding, climbing, and writing.


My new goal is to deploy code every day.

I watched an excellent video by the CEO of Intercom recently, where he talks about how shipping is your company's heartbeat.

A company that ships fast always out-performs a company that doesn't.

Imagine a pottery class where one group has one day to make 100 pots, and another group has one day to make 1 perfect pot. Who do you think makes the better pot?


~6 weeks ago, I posted a video where I climbed up onto the loft in my apartment, and a few people told me I should start climbing... So I started about a month ago and I fucking love it.

Climbing has been an excellent counter-balance to working from home and coding all day.

I've found climbing to be really easy to stick to because it's a ton of fun.

The community is great, the routes are like solving fun puzzles, you get jacked, the girls are pretty... what more can a boy ask for?


I've never considered myself to be a very good writer, but out of sheer volume, I find myself writing a lot because I've been journaling nearly every day since 2016.

Journaling helps me stay in touch with my thoughts and not be afraid of them.

I also have a lot of thoughts I'd like to share with people, so I'm attempting to write publicly on a weekly cadence, so here we are. Hi!

What else?

I'm still looking for another exercise hobby because I've found it helps take my mind off of work and improves my sleep.

As of now, I'm thinking of picking up soccer again, but I need to find people to play with (lmk if ya know anyone in NY!)

I'd also like to get back into playing boardgames because I think they keep me sharp, and I'd also like to get into comedy somehow...

I'd also love to hear from people reading this, what hobbies/habits you've picked up that you really like.

I started writing this at around 11:15pm on Sunday July 19, 2021, and published it at around 1:00am the same night.
I realize now that there's a lot more depth I'd like to write about, around developing good habits for each of these broad hobbies, but it's late now and I ain't about to re-write this post.
I don't have too much to share yet in regards to what I'm building but hopefully I will soon.