Week 3

Enjoyable Goals

I'm struggling to write these weekly posts because I feel like I don't have much to say on a weekly basis, but I have to remind myself that the reason my goal is to post every week is to practice writing and publishing for an audience.

It's exciting though because I'm already starting to come up with exciting writing projects that I'm looking forward to share w/ y'all eventually.

Spoiler alert: it'll be about my psychedelic experiences.

Honestly, I wanted to write about goal-setting today but I've been attempting to write this now for nearly 2 hours and I gotta go to bed.

So I'm just going to write w/o an agenda because that's more fun anyway.

Oh yeah, that's something I'm focused on now too! To listen to what "gives me energy".

I've found that there are many things in life that I like "the idea of" but don't actually enjoy doing the process itself.

I love stream-of-consciousness writing.

I love climbing.

To be honest, I don't particularly enjoy the process of coding, even though I've become pretty good at it at this point. Maybe I should do something about this? idk.

Yeah dang, honestly I was fired up to write about goal-setting because that's really been on my mind, but now that I'm here idgaf about writing about it.

Also I feel like you will prefer to read something I wrote with high-energy instead of another take on something fkn lame like goal setting.

Whelp, it's 3am now. I'm hitting publish. Good night friends.