Week 4

Historical Record

When I initially decided to write these posts on a weekly basis, I wasn't planning to post these to social media every time, but now I'm finding it to be quite appropriate to share what I'm thinking about. After all that's what social media is for, right?

At first, there was a part of me that thought, "why would anyone care to read what I think?" but then it occurred to me, "why does anyone care about what anyone posts on social media at all?"

Then I realized, sharing my written content is no more ridiculous than sharing a photo of a meal at some fancy restaurant. This may not be quite as aesthetically pleasing, but it's still sharing a part of my life with others.

Also you all have been super supportive and I appreciate that. Sometimes it is easy to forget that your friends want you to win.

One thing I didn't take into account is that I would meet new people, and these new people who I barely know are going to read these updates and think "wtf is this?"

Honestly, I'm not sure yet either.

But that's why this week I put up my past weeks' content on the front page of my website, akagi.co, so those who are curious may now easily browse a historical record of these posts.

I'm not sure what these will amount to, but as James Clear says, “unfinished projects can’t compound”, and I would like to become less perfectionistic and publish more so that my projects can compound.

Speaking of James Clear, that guy has published over 100 weekly newsletter posts over at https://jamesclear.com/3-2-1 and I think that's super commendable. I would like to get there myself someday.

Speaking of "historical records", have you ever heard of a "digital ghost"? I'm not sure who popularized this concept, but it's something people talk about in Silicon Valley.

It's this idea that even after someone dies, their digital presence stays online, sorta like a ghost.

I think about this sometimes and appreciate that this is mine. 👻

Random fun note: my 👻 emoji wasn't showing up and it turned out to be because my regex string parser that makes my punctuation red was parsing the emoji and not rendering the text. Wrapping it in _👻_ (italics) seems to fix the problem.
I gotta write down here more often. This section feels like a fun lil after-party.